Daily Design Curation #6 — Iron Man, Super Powers and Sad Lamp

This is simply a designer taking notes on medium and making them public. Like athletes train, dancers practice and priests pray, as a designer, I curate information for creatives. You can expect a diverse set of ideas and art forms from this series.

#16 SuperPower — Sound Amplifier

When I tried, it felt unreal to notice all the sounds around. It feels like a superpower for first 10mins until you realize you don’t need it. However, I like the direction of thinking that went behind making this app. An Earphone converted into a hearing aid — that’s commendable!

#17 Interactive Infographic — Marvel Universe

Though I am not the kind of fan that remembers any secondary character in the movies, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Respect for their efforts to collect data, connect data, make illustrations and code their imagination. Very interactive, very engaging, awestruck!

#18 Sad Lamp

Product: Mr. Wattson
Credit: Piffany Copenhagen

Very minimal way to represent an emotion with a body language, loved it! I would love to have a version of this lamp without a switch, it should turn on when it sits and off when it sleeps. :P

Thanks for your time.
I am curating things for myself and making it public, just in case you find it helpful. My plan is to make a habit of curating and creating.

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