Daily Design Curation #1 — Attention is Money!

This is simply a designer taking notes on medium and making them public. Like athletes train, dancers practice and priests pray, as a designer, I curate information relative to creatives. You can expect a diverse set of ideas and art forms from this series.

#1 The Attention economy

Designers have a choice in this economy of attention: they can balance business needs — such as the need for new subscribers, advertising revenue, and profit — with respect for the best interests of their users.

The attention economy in Nielsen Norman Group

we often say “pay attention.” This expression implies two important characteristics of attention: that it is limited and that it is valuable.

My Comments: Attention is really valuable, Interaction more valuable than reading, reading more valuable than seeing and seeing more valuable than not seeing.

How I see it:

Interacted and Shared the experience = 1000 pts
Experienced and remembered = 500 pts
Interacted/played = 200 pts
Read/observed = 100 pts
Saw/heard = 50 pts
Looked did not notice = 25 pts
No discovery = 0 pts

#2 Coca Cola ads that point you to recycling bins

The decision on whether to recycle an empty bottle or just throw it in the trash shouldn’t be one determined by convenience, but alas, such is human nature. People are simply more likely to recycle if they can easily find and get to the right bin.

My Comments: Coke is known for creative ad campaigns, they have come up with another one and are all over the news again. This time they have taken a brand stand of recycling plastic. Brand-stand is a trend these days where corporates campaign around a social cause like women empowerment, air pollution, recycling, etc. I would like to see if Coke can pull off a creative campaign in India, cause the challenges here are more extreme than Italy, Zürich or Germany.

#3 Backstory

‘BACKSTORY’ was shot in Germany in 17 shooting days over a period of 1,5 years. It has been screened at more than 110 festivals worldwide and, so far, has won more than 30 international awards.

My Comments: Really powerful storytelling, uses an interesting composition of frames throughout the movie — shot from the back side of the protagonist — hence ‘backstory.’ This one tells life as it is, simplifies it to an extent you question ‘why the fuck do I even exist?’

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I am curating things for myself and making it public, just in case you find it helpful. My plan is to make a habit of curating and creating.

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