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UX Designer | Writes on design, productivity and social observations
Designers without portfolio

I spent about 3 years in one of the country’s best design schools. I had worked on roughly ten projects in my Masters in interaction design at NID. Few projects won awards, few projects I had put my 200% in, all contributing to a really solid portfolio with 4 projects at the end of 2019.

In 2020, I joined Zeta. It’s been about 1.5 years and there has been tons of small and big project that I have been part of. Some of them have been immediate requirements and some were detailed projects. I have not updated my website but…

Hey there, my name is Bharat, I am glad you stopped by my profile on medium. I write on UX Design, Productivity and Personal Growth. After a great year of writing on Instagram, I am excited to restart my journey with Medium.

About Me

I am a UX designer at Zeta where I make digital products for corporate benefits and banking sector. I am an alumnus of NID and NIT and I occasionally write about design in student life and making a career in design.
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Contact Me

For informal chat DM me on Instagram — username: @apat.bharat
For formal work mail me at

Happy New Year 2021.
See you soon.

Hey, how are you? I was a little occupied the last couple of weeks. I was learning about how to build a gaming PC and was also into understanding the esports scene in India. That is the reason I couldn’t write Newsletter.

Currently, we are carrying out a usability testing exercise at Zeta and I learnt a few important numbers. I always used to wonder how many participants should we recruit for usability studies?

I came across these two articles by NNG, that gave a good idea:

Summary of the articles

If you are interested to find out if the user can…

Today, in many professions the opportunities are countless, people are bagging multiple jobs, weighing them all, and selecting one. The game is no more about getting ‘a job’ it’s about getting ‘the job.’ The job that is the most suited among all other opportunities. Applying for a job is a tiring process and many people lose a lot of energy applying to companies that they don’t need to get in. If you are struggling to find out which company is right for you, the ‘Job hunt framework’ is here to help.

Step 1: List companies

Hey Buddy, Today let’s set aside design for a bit and talk about the Olympics, since it’s super fresh in our mind. However, it’s not a complete non-design topic, the core maths and psychology we will discuss can be useful for UX researchers dealing with samples. Okay, let’s begin. Here’s the core message:

If you understand ‘regression to mean’ you will understand that every olympian is as good as a medalist. Everyone deserves a celebration.

Understanding the effect of ‘Regression to Mean’

Say you give one exam and your rank is 1. Then you give another exam and your rank is 100. By just taking these two…

Late 2019 to late 2020 we saw a spike in the number of people creating carousels on design and marketing. The content used to be good, now it sucks.

Accounts were hitting 0 to 100K followers in few months. 2020 was the golden period of carousels on Instagram. Everyone was spamming carousels daily, the engagement was super high. There were all kinds of engagement hacks that were being used. Let me list a few here with examples.

Hey there, I am back with the 8th Newsletter in the series, I was a little caught up with working on our Telegram Community. It has grown by 33% in the last two days, we are 400+ designers now. In this letter, I am going to talk about the effect of branding and a few NID interview tips.

Psychology of Branding

This one is based on Big Think’s latest video.

Primed by branding

There was an experiment conducted where a group of people were shown apple branding and another group of people were shown IBM branding. These two were given creative tasks. …

Hello! Hello! Hello again! Whaaaat-is-uuuuuup! Okay, that much extrovertism is enough. Let’s dive into this week’s learnings.

Four types of lucks

Based on this article written by Marc Andreessen, there are four types of lucks:

  1. Luck out of nowhere — It happens randomly without any of your efforts. It is like a blessing.
  2. Luck by motion — You don’t stumble upon things if you are at rest. When you work, you put yourself in motion and expose yourself to more opportunities than being at rest.
  3. Luck by expertise — When you work long enough on one thing, you grow and become an expert. When…

Hello reader, hope you are doing good, let’s go through this week’s learning.


1. UX Designers salary in India

A few days back, we released a snippet of UX designer salary reports based on Rama's survey. 650+ people had participated. A detailed report will be published soon. The key highlights from the current report are as follows:

Back when I was a kid, I was told the greatest award on the planet is the Nobel Prize. I had assumed that people must be working extremely hard to get this award. I was partially right, they work hard — right, to get the award — wrong. …

Bharat Apat

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